Coach Travel Wales exists

Flag of Wales

Sept. 22, 2010

It’s never reassuring when no one has heard of the bus company that you are planning on riding on.

It’s worse when the website has no fare, no answer on the phone number thereon and there are no real reassurance that the bus will be showing up. Especially when you’ve been sent to said site by, the main information site for travel in Wales.

The X40 bus is run by Arriva, with a schedule available at the tourist information center, but not offered on a standard web search, and was going from Swansea to Aberystwyth during the mid-afternoon and late evening. Which put me in a predicament, as I had already planned on getting to Aberystwyth on a bus that might not actually show up.

I ran around Swansea to figure out if I’d be able to catch the Coach Travel Wales bus to Aberystwyth. No one could give me a straight answer, as no one had heard of it. These included the people at other bus companies, including one employee whose line of study was Welsh transportation.

Luckily, I stumbled by one of the two X40 buses of the day. The bus driver turned out to be the only one in all of Swansea that had heard of the company. He told me that it was a small company run by a guy (he even knew said guy’s name) in Aberystwyth. Wasn’t sure if it actually ran, though.

The known bus was running later, which would put me into Aberystwyth after 10 PM. But, it was 9.40 GBP. A reasonable price. In the end, I figured I’d take the chance on the mystical Coach Travel Wales bus.

In the end, it up. The fare was 10.30 GBP. But whereas the other bus was a local, like any city bus, this was a coach, with a toilet onboard and a faster, less-stoppy trip.

So it all worked out. Have faith in the system, m’friends.

A boring entry? Yes. But it’s really for people who are searching for Swansea to Aberystwyth information, esp. that of Coach Travel Wales, which was something that I couldn’t find when I needed it. So let me know if this helped you. And/or if it becomes outdated.


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