The US Air Force Hates the Constitution

The US Air Force has blocked its members from accessing the New York Times and other websites that have posted full cables from WikiLeaks.

When I found out, I posted it on my Facebook page. One response was that it is simply coinciding with the law, in that these documents are still labeled as secret, which means that the government still needs to treat them as such. Nice in theory, but the Air Force has said:

If a site has republished the documents, then we block it.

Far from a pinpointed thing. Sounds like retribution.

Forget the “cat’s out of the bag” aspect of this. The government censoring the media, especially an entity that is responsible with protecting freedom of the media, sounds nothing like any America that I want to be a part of.

Below is the message that I sent to my congresspeople and to the Letters to the Editor section of the Everett Herald and Seattle Times.


I wish to register my disgust at the US Air Force’s decision to block the NY Times and other reputable news sources.

The United States military is charged with defending and protecting the Constitution. Not too far into this document is an amendment regarding freedom of the press, something that has been upheld multiple times by the Supreme Court.

While there might be argument as to whether WikiLeaks is a journalistic organization, that cannot be said for the New York Times and other USAF-banned media.

I urge immediate action to reverse this decision and improved consideration in the future before enacting such misguided policies.

Roni Weiss

Update: My letter to the editor got posted on The Seattle Times’ website.


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