“Been There, Saw the Crazies, Done That” – An interview with me

Andrew Hayes over at sharingtravelexperiences.com interviewed me about my background, travels, English teaching, etc.

It was a fun interview that has gotten a lot of positive response, so check it out.

It includes my pictures, my words, etc.


Ah, and as promised, an extra story, not included therein:

This last time, in Moscow, I was on a public bus to get to a train to get to the airport. On the bus, a darkish fellow guy stared at me and all of my stuff. Based on his complexion, he seemed like he was from one of the former Soviet republics like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

He started talking to me. I told him in Russian that I didn’t speak Russian and I was American. He said that he was Uzbek. I said cool, Tashkent? He seemed excited and asked if I had been there. (I think.)

Then he gave me a juice box and an orange. I told him no, it was fine, but he insisted.

I put my orange in my hoodie and sucked down on the juice box.

Unfortunately, at some point in our minimalist conversation, the orange fell out and rolled along the filthy bus floor. As it’s an orange, I had no problem picking it up and eating it, but before I could, the guy snatched it on its roll back and gestured that he’d throw it out.

I was pretty sad about losing my orange. Luckily, like someone performing magic for a child, he pulled another orange out of nowhere and gave it to me. So another chance at orange bliss for me. But I’ll never forget the unnecessary sacrifice of the other piece of fruit. Rest in peace, little orange.


2 Responses to “Been There, Saw the Crazies, Done That” – An interview with me

  1. Andy Hayes says:

    You have all the good stories. Thanks for sharing a few with us over at Sharing Travel Experiences.

  2. roniweiss says:

    Thanks for having me over there. :)

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