Roni Reviews: The Green Hornet

Roni Weiss and Seth Rogen

(If the picture looks familiar, that’s because it was originally in my “Doppelganger Week on Facebook” post, from 1/30/10, wherein I use facial recognition software to see who it thinks Seth Rogen and I look like.)

I liked the new Green Hornet movie. I never watched the Bruce Lee stuff before or heard the original radio show, so I wasn’t married to any idea of the character or plot. I’m not for or against Seth Rogen. In fact, most of my dealings with him as a concept revolve around people telling me that I look like him.

So before I tell you the specifics of what I liked and didn’t like within the movie, here’s my new system:

  1. Would I see it again? Yes, if someone else paid for me to see it again. I don’t feel compelled to rush out and see it again, but hey, that’s me. I’m cheap. Some movies, I wouldn’t go if you paid for me. Some movies, I wouldn’t go if you paid me.
  2. Do I recommend it? Who would I recommend it to? Yes. If you like superhero origin story movies, you should be satisfied. If you like the writing of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, you should be satisfied, as well.
  3. Is it necessary to see on the big screen? It’s sufficiently action-y that it’s worth making the effort to see it on the big screen. 3D, once again, didn’t add anything for me.

Feel free to continue on if you want my details on stuff I liked and didn’t like within the flick.



Things I Liked

  • How Cameron Diaz looked in short shorts.
  • The credits. The hornet logo coming out in 3D was one of the only times I cared about it.
  • The clever scheme with how to handle him getting shot in the shoulder.
  • “Hero vision” (my term), where Kato, and then later, Green Hornet, can see the highlighted danger of the bad guys’ weapons. It was especially cool when Green Hornet got it and we saw our first glimpse of him as a true hero, not as a sidekick to the martial arts guy.
  • Jay Chou was solid. His accent didn’t detract. If anything, it added authenticity, as he seemed like he was from an exotic enough place that perhaps he would need martial arts to survive. He also held his own with Seth Rogen. I felt like they shared the screen well and were a good team.
  • James Franco’s cameo almost makes the whole movie worth it. I was spellbound throughout that scene, cracking up throughout.
  • Christoph Waltz’ character was interesting. A different style of bad guy. Never knew what to expect.

Things I Was Mixed About

  • The action. With the “hero vision”, it was cool. Other points, I got bored, such as the Britt Reid/Kato fight, where I tuned out a bit.
  • The humor. I don’t mind the Rogen/Goldberg thing, but it can get a bit old. I could see how it would potentially take some people out of the movie. While I appreciate homoerotic jokes, they were overplayed at points. As was the awkward attempts to bond. Not tiresome to me, but a little bit more and it would have been.

Things I Didn’t Like

  • I wished that we had seen more of Britt Reid fighting as an adult before becoming Green Hornet. They introduce that he gets in fights as kids, but people can grow out of that. It would have been interesting to see his fighting style in general before he got involved in helping others. It wouldn’t have been hard to get him into a fight during the scene at The Standard. Just a little longer.
  • The abject lack of care for human life. It was odd to me that they were supposed to be heroes, but there were multiple times where they really didn’t seem to care if they might kill people. Some examples: The cop during the car chase, blowing up the meth lab with people still in it, ramming and shooting in The Daily Sentinel office.
  • The bad guy D.A. was pretty obviously a bad guy. They could have done a  better job with that. In the beginning, I didn’t trust his offer of friendship in the slightest. They could have tried more to make us think that he was actually a good guy.
  • The uselessness of 3D. I still have yet to see a movie that has sold me on its usefulness. If you are into a movie, you should be able to put yourself there.
  • After the movie, these jackass kids grabbed a handful of 3D glasses from the bin and took them. Why? C’mon.

Things You Might Not’ve Noticed

  • Edward Furlong, from Terminator 2: Judgment Day and American History X is in the movie.


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