Roni’s TEFL Experience

TEFL = Teaching English as a foreign language, i.e., teaching English to people in non-English speaking countries


ACLE, Italy

My first English immersion camp.

My time started off with a week-long orientation in San Remo, then was followed by me working at 4 different camps. I stayed with a host family for the first camp, at an agriturismo (bed and breakfast on a farm) for the second, host family for the third and then at the company apartment for the fourth.

You can find more info about ACLE at


American Language Village, Taiwan

My second jaunt into TEFL was for 2.5 weeks in Taiwan. We stayed in hotels and were taken by taxi to the schools. The kids were studious and the whole environment was vastly different from Europe.

American Village, France

For AmVil, you live at the camp site, as opposed to the day camp atmosphere at ACLE. It’s a lot more involved and takes a certain mindset to be comfortable with residential life, esp. abroad.

For more information on working at American Village, go here.


ComuniCorp, Chile

My first business English job was at ComuniCorp in Santiago, Chile. It’s a very different experience working with adults in a professional setting, including, at times, at their place of work.


American Village, France


College Duclos and College Valdo for French Ministry of Education

I served as an English Language Assistant from Oct. 2009-Apr. 2010. Living abroad in a situation like this is as immersed as you can get. It takes a lot of adjustment, esp. if your language skills are less than fluent.

Smart Talk, France

Smart Talk was another school where I taught conversational English lessons. I also had my first chance at material creation, including a podcast.


American Village, France



From the same owner as Smart Talk, I am back on material creation, but able to do so from on the road or wherever I need to.


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