Speaking of doppelgangers…

January 16, 2011

Just got an e-mail with the subject:

Is this Roni Weiss?

With the attached picture:

No, that’s not me, that’s Approval Guy, a noted meme.

I did e-mail him a while back though.

Some people say we look alike.


He responded:

You truly are adorable.

If you want to contact Approval Guy, e-mail approvalguy@gmail.com.

And make sure you keep your eyes on Know Your Meme to be aware of the latest memes.


Why I’m Thinking About Quitting #TNI

January 13, 2011


Update: I now help run #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter). More info on that can be found on the Facebook page or this post by wanderfolly, who talked to Melvin from TravelDudes about its creation.


Part One: The Book

OK, this is a bit of inside baseball, so let’s set up the players.

ZipSetGo runs Travelers’ Night In (TNI), a weekly event on Twitter, where various travel-minded people answer 10 questions based on a travel topic, bouncing ideas and opinions off of each other. I’ve hosted the event a couple of times, which means I’ve been one of the people that puts out the initial questions.

On January 12th, 2011, Pam at nerdseyeview.com posted “Q1: Who Owns Your Internet Noise?“, wherein ZipSetGo is outed as selling a book based on tweets from TNI that had been mentioned for the past few weeks. Not a surprise to me, as I’d seen the tweets. Not bothersome to me, as I wasn’t listed as someone who would be in the book.

Here’s part of ZipSetGo’s take, as seen on Pam’s blog:

From the Zip Set Go Team:

Thank you for allowing us to provide our viewpoint on your blog!

The #TNI book was never intended to upset anyone nor was it intended for financial gain.  As the creators of the Travelers’ Night In #TNI twitter chat, our intent has always been to bring together avid travelers and learn about the world from each other – the book was just an extension of that idea.

That’s nice, but the immediate question is, if the point isn’t for profit, what are you doing trying to sell a book with no explicit mention that the profits are going elsewhere?

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A blog post written just for me

October 31, 2010

I asked Dear Leader Ethan Cheng about which camera I should buy.

He wrote the following post:

Three-way dance: Canon S95 vs. Panasonic LX5 vs. Samsung TL500 (EX1)

Thus it begins:

Roni Weiss, world traveler and camera jargon neophyte, sent an e-mail asking for a compact camera recommendation. I started typing up a response, and as it started to grow into an obnoxiously long thing, I decided I’d just blog the answer for the benefit of all mankind.

And includes such kind advice/quotes as:

This post is for Roni Weiss, though, and this is a guy who shoots a lot of video and often stuffs his camera in his pants.


Buy a Canon S95, Roni — but remember to leave it zoomed out to 28mm when you’re shooting at night or indoors, and remember not to accidentally stick it in your ass when you’re feeling lonely.

So, thanks, Ethan, I think.

How do you make Gmail Call Phones work abroad?

October 6, 2010

Two words: Hotspot Shield

You’re welcome.

(If you don’t have the option yet, these guys give you more details.)

Extra tip: You don’t even need to stay logged onto Hotspot Shield, just let Gmail load up, then you can sign off of Hotspot Shield and still use Call Phones (just make sure you get the little Call Phones box up first).

My Day Online – August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010

First, I get an amazing offer, randomly:

Contact Email: upss-service101@live.com

Good Day

This is to inform you that I am a delegate from the United Nations Compensation Commission and to notify you finally about your outstanding Compensation Cheque payment of $2,759,389 USD.

Please Send your Name, Address, City, State, Zip COde, Country and telephone number to (upss-service101@live.com) for your cheque delivery.Thanks for your attention.

Lin Beth Y
Deputy Special Representative

While I wish it was over $3 million, I guess I can settle.

Second, Wikitravel warns me of hidden dangers in Newquay, UK:

Stay healthy

While Cornwall may seem harmless, it has the highest chlamydia rate in the country due to the large number of tourists, mostly in Newquay.

Odd Lebanese Visa Notes

August 17, 2010

Can you make heads or tails of this?

What’s their deal with artists and masseuses?

From: http://www.general-security.gov.lb/English/Entrance%20Visas/Pages/visaa4.aspx

Ø  Every breach, infringement concerning the address given by the passenger, whether on the part of the hotel reservation or on the private address, will entail the arrestment and deportation of the passenger  unless he or she notifies the General Directorate of the General Security  about the alteration pursuant to legal regulations.

Ø  The entry of females who used to work as artists or masseuses, whatever is their age or the period they stayed outside Lebanon, is subjected to a prematurely approval from the General Directorate of the General Security.

Ø  The following cases are exempted from all the conditions concerning the address, the round trip ticket, and the prematurely approval from the General Directorate of the General Security:

  • The wife of a Lebanese man, who didn’t work previously as an artist or a masseuse, after presenting a document proving the marriage.
  • The wife of a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon or a holder of a valid identity card under consideration and who didn’t work previously as an artist or a masseuse, after presenting a document asserting the marriage.
  • The wife of a Syrian man accompanying him and who didn’t work previously as an artist or masseuses in Lebanon, provided that the marriage is written on the husband’s family register or by presenting a document proving the marriage.
  • The coming females who didn’t work previously as artists or masseuses in Lebanon, accompanying one of the parents, one of the brothers, the husband, or a son.
  • The mother in law of a Lebanese man, after presenting a document asserting the kinship.
  • The females coming within official delegations, or those holding private, special or diplomatic passports.
  • The wife of a Lebanese man who already has worked as an artist or a masseuse and left Lebanon for a period of more than one year, if she is accompanied by one or more children from this marriage after presenting the documents proving the marriage.
  • The wife of a foreigner non Arabic man  who has already worked as an artist or a masseuse and had left Lebanon for a period more than one year, provided that she is in his company  and that she holds a document proving the marriage.
  • People entering Lebanon via direct, prematurely, or consulate visas are allowed to enter the Syrian territories and to return to Lebanon within the period of the visa’s validity and within 5 days.

Spirit Airlines’ “Check Out The Oil On Our Beaches!” campaign

June 22, 2010

Not cool, Spirit Airlines. (click pic to magnify)

spirit airlines email

What, post 9-11 was it “Our Prices Are Falling Like The Twin Towers!”

Is this really the image you want when you’re also the company that’s dickish enough to charge people for carry-ons?

P.S. What other bad ad campaigns could you advise for Spirit, either past or present?

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