Roni Reviews: The Green Hornet

January 15, 2011

Roni Weiss and Seth Rogen

(If the picture looks familiar, that’s because it was originally in my “Doppelganger Week on Facebook” post, from 1/30/10, wherein I use facial recognition software to see who it thinks Seth Rogen and I look like.)

I liked the new Green Hornet movie. I never watched the Bruce Lee stuff before or heard the original radio show, so I wasn’t married to any idea of the character or plot. I’m not for or against Seth Rogen. In fact, most of my dealings with him as a concept revolve around people telling me that I look like him.

So before I tell you the specifics of what I liked and didn’t like within the movie, here’s my new system:

  1. Would I see it again? Yes, if someone else paid for me to see it again. I don’t feel compelled to rush out and see it again, but hey, that’s me. I’m cheap. Some movies, I wouldn’t go if you paid for me. Some movies, I wouldn’t go if you paid me.
  2. Do I recommend it? Who would I recommend it to? Yes. If you like superhero origin story movies, you should be satisfied. If you like the writing of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, you should be satisfied, as well.
  3. Is it necessary to see on the big screen? It’s sufficiently action-y that it’s worth making the effort to see it on the big screen. 3D, once again, didn’t add anything for me.

Feel free to continue on if you want my details on stuff I liked and didn’t like within the flick.


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Ready for the Bazooka Joe movie?

May 22, 2009

Michael Eisner’s company is working on producing a Bazooka Joe movie.  Yeah, a movie based on a gum-filled comic strip.

Who says there aren’t any new and/or good ideas in Hollywood?

The Wikipedia article for Bazooka Joe shows Bazooka Joe in Hebrew, which amuses me.  When I was younger, my family used to spend Jewish holidays at the house of a rabbi and his wife by Alki, in Seattle.  And they used to give us old Bazooka Joe gum, which was, of course, in Hebrew.  It was impossible to chew.  Both the gum and the humor.  (I’m doubting it was simply lost in translation.)

Watchmen (Pre-Viewing)

March 10, 2009

I have been surprised at the voracious opinions that people have had regarding Watchmen.

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Dead Snow: Best Movie Concept of the Year

January 25, 2009

(from Bloody Disgusting)


Do you like movies with Nazi villains?  What about zombies?  What about…


This trailer for Dead Snow, a Norwegian comedic horror that was selected for this year’s Sundance Festival, is worth a look.  (Bloody Disgusting has more still pictures from the movie, like the one above.)

The tagline?   “Ein! Zwei! Die!”

(Thanks, Maciek, for passing it along.)

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January 18, 2009

There is a movie coming out this year that is called Adventureland.  It’s from the director of Superbad.  While the trailer doesn’t make it seem too promising (despite having Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig, two of my SNL favorites), it did bring up some childhood memories.

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And so it begins… Again. (AKA Roni Reviews: The Notebook)

November 15, 2008

Screw it.

I have nothing to hide.

Perhaps I do.  But my opinion of The Notebook is not one that needs to remain hidden.

I hated it.

But let’s go deeper.  Note:  There be spoilers below, me hearties.

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