Roni’s first overseas experience was spending a month living in Israel in 1998.  This was supposed to be a year of high school, but circumstances abroad and at home made returning home the better option.

From 2002-2004, Roni went on 3 Caribbean cruises with his family. Royal Caribbean twice, Carnival once.

His first experience backpacking/hosteling was two months in Europe in 2004, covering Western Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and the Netherlands.

In 2006, Roni spent a month in Southeast Asia: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines.

Summer 2007 provided Roni with his first opportunity to teach English abroad, in Italy.  After his teaching position, he traveled in Europe again, mostly in Eastern Europe.

He traveled to Hawaii, Australia and more of Asia during late 2007 and early 2008.  This trip included teaching English at immersion camps in Taiwan.

In Summer 2008, Roni returned to Europe, teaching English in France, then traveling in Northwest Europe.  After this trip, he began teaching business English in Santiago, Chile from September 2008-February 2009.

He returned to teach English in France in 2009 and 2010, both in English immersion camps and as an English language assistant in the French public schools.

Before, during and after, he traveled throughout Europe and into the Middle East. By the end of 2010, he had visited every country in Europe.

In less than a year, from December 2007-September 2008, Roni visited 6 different continents (all except Antarctica).

Currently, Roni has been to over 70 countries at a total of over a third of the countries in the world.

College and University

At Edmonds Community College, Roni was highly active in the Digital Music department.  He received his (Associate’s of Arts & Science) AAS at age 12, with Honors.

At the University of Washington, Roni served in many roles in the Drama department, including:

  • Lead Undergraduate Representative, School of Drama
  • Creator/Executive Producer, The Big Idea
  • Co-Producer, Binge Festival
  • Creator and Chairman, Once Upon A Weekend Committee
  • Membership Director, Undergraduate Theater Society

He graduated with double degrees (Bachelor in Arts, English with a Literature Emphasis and Bachelor in Arts, Drama) at age 18.


Roni has had a variety of jobs through his life. Recently, he has been teaching English abroad (including Italy, Taiwan, France and Chile). A large portion of his positions have been working with kids, including clowning and summer camps, both in the United States and English immersion camps.

He has also:

  • delivered pizza for Domino’s
  • supervised all-night high school graduation parties
  • bounced at clubs
  • served as security at a domain name conference in Bellevue, WA
  • labored
  • worked as a hotel front desk clerk
  • refereed ice hockey
  • been a server for catering companies

Within the field of entertainment, Roni has been a voiceover artist and served as a background performer in the ABC show Miracles and the Borealis music video, “It Don’t Mean A Thing”.  He read scripts on the FOX lot in Los Angeles, with the highlight being a script entitled President Dog.

The Arts


  • Throughout childhood, Roni was involved in school bands and the Cascade Youth Symphony on trumpet.
  • During community college, he studied Digital Music and Scoring.


During and outside of UW, Roni wrote, acted, directed, produced and was in the improvisation group “The Collective”


  • Roni has produced two short films, Shatter and The Dock (2009), along with a 49-second French parody of The Dock.  He has appeared as an actor in other films.
  • At English immersion camp, he avidly captured footage, with the best example of his edited product being the reality TV-style Macon Retrospective.







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    Hi Roni, very interesting and good luck.


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