Current Projects

Roni On Location is a travelogue.

There are two versions:

Video episodes:

Podcast: and on Roni Weiss - Roni On Location - Roni On Location

( and on Ethan Cheng, Joe Geni, Roni Weiss & friends - Don't Worry About The Government - Don't Worry About The Government and )

A weekly political podcast covering international and domestic stories. Roni is a co-producer and panelist.

Roni helps organize #TTOT – Travel Talk on Twitter, a weekly travel tweetup at 9:30 AM/PM GMT. (More info on the Facebook page.)

( and on Various Artists - Once Upon A Podcast - Once Upon A Podcast and )

OUAP is a podcast of 5-minute audio plays (one-shot and episodic), with an accompanying blog, executive produced by Roni.

Those interested in writing, acting, writing music or joining the OUAP production team should e-mail the production team.


16 Responses to Current Projects

  1. nancy engelhard--joe's mom says:


    Just want you to know I love your comments on Don’t worry about the Gov.–even though you are more conservative than I am, you are good humored, have great comments to make and you have a great laugh.

    I hope you fix your internet connection!


  2. roniweiss says:


    Thanks for checking in. :)

    I’m glad that someone has noticed that I’m further to the center than my cohorts…

    I’m thinking/hoping that I will be in a better internet situation this coming week. After that, it’s back on the road, so as you know… Crapshoot.


  3. Kev-in says:

    Gawd, you must be in love with yerself! Roni by location, roni on location..roni reviews, roni recommends, roni responds… Heck, why not a tab for “roni wants to make mad passionate love to himself” ???

  4. roniweiss says:

    1) I dunno what you expect when the title of the blog is “The Official Roni Weiss Blog”.

    2) Sounds like someone needs to check out: “Is Roni Weiss A Narcissist?”

  5. Kev-in says:

    1)duh! my point exactly, man! why repeat yer name over and over when we already get that it’s roni’s blog unless yer madly in love with yerself? gets to be overkill and so damn b-o-r-i-n-g

    2)uh, nah thanks. i’ve already checked out enuff of yer stuff and definitely already know the answer. could be cool cuz you write well for the most part, but prob is, what i’ve read is solely from yer perspective. hell, even when yer critiquing St. Petersburg, Turkey, Asia,etc, yerr big head is blocking any cool sights. i wanna mingle with the local people, too. ASK them questions; even if it has to eventually pertain to yerself at the end…just engage the people of these awesome places you’ve visited. yah, point out the stuff you liked or the food you hated or enjoyed but for god’s sake, let’s have other folks’ perspectives as well…cuz when you don’t do any of that stuff, yer big fat head could just be in front of a green screen for all we know. shallow, man, waaaaaaay shallow. jmo

  6. roniweiss says:

    1) ‘Reviews’ and ‘Recommends’ are pretty dull titles for stuff.

    2) I talk to plenty of people. When those people would like to be on camera, I gladly put them on, such as in Portugal. Not everyone wants to be on camera.

    I would much rather have other people on than myself.

    Plus, if you want to see the sites, there are plenty of other places to do so. I’m not going to rehash what everyone else does, that’s pointless.

    Thanks for the comments.

  7. Kev-in says:

    Reviews’ and ‘Recommends’ are pretty dull titles for stuff.
    -hahaha, so putting yer name in front of every title makes them less dull?

    I would much rather have other people on than myself.
    -yah, right!

    Plus, if you want to see the sites, there are plenty of other places to do so. I’m not going to rehash what everyone else does, that’s pointless.
    -i agree. regardless, it’d be cool if you’d include the locals in yer narrative even if you only get their voices if they’re really that camera shy. i do hear folks in the background wanting to pipe in but you talk right over em.

    anyways, good luck to you. just putting in my 2 cents. peace out.

  8. roniweiss says:

    1) It’s alliterative. If you have better names, hit me. I haven’t come up with them. I tried like hell to come up with a different name for the blog. Nothing else fit. The “Roni ____” stems from that.

    2) ~shrugs~

    3) Gimme a specific example and I’ll tell you the story behind it. And maybe you’re right. I dunno without knowing what you’re talking about, specifically.

    A lot of people don’t want to be recorded at all. I dunno what you’re picturing with just having their voices. I do that, at points, I think.

    Thanks for the well wishes.

  9. Max T says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  10. roniweiss says:

    @Kev-in: I’m seeing what the problem was. The menus are a new addition. The Ronis on each thing were overkill. You could have been cooler about how you brought it up, but either way, I’m glad you did.

  11. Kev-in says:

    hahaha, i’m no hater. i see potential. intelligence. humour. but a bit heavy on the vanity side. i’m pretty blunt about stuff…yah, probably not cool(shrugs). whatever, but i don’t normally waste my time on fluff. yer work could be so much more if you just get past yerself. study chris marker’s work a bit; a genius in transposed voices and the subtle use of “I”.

  12. roniweiss says:

    There’s a difference between fluff and coming off like a dick. If you’re really trying to help, as opposed to troll, there’s a line.

    Lines like “yer big fat head could just be in front of a green screen for all we know” and disregarding when I answer your points honestly don’t add to your cause.

    I Googled Chris Marker. Are you talking about some French documentarian or something else?

  13. Kev-in says:

    i don’t have a cause, but i’m not trolling either. i call it the way i see it. so, i’m a dick, fine if that’s the way you see me. i’ve been called that before and worse; i’m sure yer not surprised.

    marker has a way of using “disembodied voice” in his film that may give you an idea as to what i was talking about earlier. an excellent exercise is filming without talking at all; just capturing random shots..then later adding voice (yers as well as others).

  14. roniweiss says:

    Join the “been called a dick” club.

    Obviously, the word ’cause’ is used broadly. You wouldn’t bother writing if you weren’t trying to accomplish something. If you weren’t trying to troll… etc.

    Just wanted to make sure I had right guy before I looked deeper.

  15. Kev-in says:

  16. roniweiss says:

    I’ll check it out, thx.

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